Bertos LX900

Product Features

  • The self-supporting structure – frame technology – consists of a unique frame completely made from high resistant AISI 304 stainless steel
  • All internal and external sides are made from AISI stainless steel with working tops, side panels and handles of a 20/10 thickness
  • All tanks are pressed and completely rounded
  • The elegant design combines hygiene and comfort with a modern and clean image
  • The high precision laser cuts and the closing side panels make the cooker a single block
  • All functions are available for both gas and electric versions, including the most advanced technologies such as induction, infrared and electronic control of temperature
  • The supporting structure is designed to contain cables and wires, which become invisible
  • The supporting crosspieces are equipped with a millimeter adjustment system, which guarantees a perfect assembly
  • LX900 can be completely configured and customised. It can be any length desired so as to fit into any workplace. Modules can be positioned according to customers needs. Island or stand-alone versions are available and the installation can be positioned in the middle of the room or against a wall


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