Comenda Blue Line – AC2E Series – AC2E P5

Product Features:

  • Each dishwasher consists of individual modules that can be assembled according to clients productivity requirements
  • All 304 stainless steel
  • Inspection doors with integral balancing springs
  • Compact installation dimensions
  • Self-draining vertical pumps
  • Door wipe seal for constant cleaning of the inside of the door
  • Electronic control panel with digital display temperature read-out
  • Double-wall doors
  • Economiser that activates rinsing only when rack passes through
  • Digital water flowmeter with total rinse water consumption and machine run time
  • All pre-wash sections with inspection door
  • EOR
  • Autotimer
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Additional information


195 racks per hour

Maximum Length:


Wash Tank Capacity:


Water Consumption:

180L per hour

Electrical Load:

400V, 3 Neutral, 50Hz

Hot Water Supply 55°C:


Hot Water Supply 15°C:


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