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Middleby Marshall – PS840 WOW – Electrically Heated Conveyor Oven

  • Impingement PLUS! Low oven profile and dual-air return
  • Patented EMS Energy Management System reduces energy consumption and increases cooking efficiency
  • 1029mm long cooking chamber
  • 851mm wide, 1943mm long conveyor belt
  • High speed conveyor (range of 2:00 – 30:00)
  • Touch Screen Control can be programmed in one energy saving mode
  • Automatic “eye energy” saves energy when no pizzas are in the oven
  • Patented vertical columns of hot air move heat aerodynamically instead of using high temperatures
  • Designed to cook pizzas 30% faster than other conveyor ovens
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Additional information

Overall Dimensions:

1943 x 1537 x 1224mm (H)

Belt Width:


Max. Operating Temp.:

Not higher than 290°C

Bake Time Range:

2mins – 30mins

Crated Weight:


Electrical Load:

27kW, 380V, 3 Phase, Neutral and Earth

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