NW Modular Range

Product Features:

  • Models available: NW308, NW458, NW608, NW1008
  • The range produces between 160 and 485kg of ice per day
  • Vertical cube system
  • T304 stainless steel panels
  • Auto-alert indicator lights
  • Global standard footprint: strictly follows international imperial standards commonly adopted in the industry for reference
  • One touch cleaning: reduces labour costs and saves time and simplifies cleaning process
  • Front evaporator access: immediate access to evaporating plate for quick self-maintenance operations
  • Head only ice maker: requires a separate storage bin to collect the ice produced
  • CFC Free R-404a refrigerant

Scotsman Ice Storage Bins

Storage bins are used with modular ice makers, enabling production and storage capacities to be matched to customer requirements more accurately in high production situations. The range has a storage capacity of 129 to 500kg.

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