Plate Mate

The Plate-Mate Plate Stacking & Serving System saves space, labour, time and money. If you have a space problem in your kitchen, we have the solution. Ideal for use as a catering plate stand and catering plate carrier.

Plate-Mate plate stacking system can make multiple plate handling a cinch whether it is in your commercial kitchen, used as banquet equipment, a catering event, or even a ship’s galley. Plate-Mate speeds service and saves labour costs with its dinner plate trees.

All Plate-Mate plate racks and trolleys are designed with adjustable arms that allow for plates, dishes, or trays of varying shapes and sizes to be quickly, simply and securely stored as well as removed with the greatest of ease.

They are widely used in commercial kitchens: restaurants, cafeterias, resorts, casinos, hospitals, nursing homes, cruise ships, hotels and more.


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