Steam Generated Combi Kettles

• Material stainless steel, inner surface against food – acid proof stainless steel (EN 1.4432)
• Surrounded by an isolated steam jacket
• Electric tilting
• Stainless steel lid
• Maximum working pressure 1.0 bar (+120ºC)
• Numerical temperature display with one degree accuracy
• Tilts only when key is pressed – safety regulations
Standard Equipment: Separate loose lid, water faucet (cold water),
volume stick, hook for accessories on both pillar sides (single kettle).



Product Name: Metos Viking 100E
Product Code: 2630005
Dimensions: 1154 x 805 x 1020mm
Capacity: Volume – 111L, Net Volume – 100L,
Boiling Spare – 11L
Weight: 126kg
Electrical: 400V/230V, 25A, 16kW, 3NPE, 50Hz
Product Name: Metos Viking 200E
Product Code: 2630007
Dimensions: 1360 x 940 x 1040mm
Capacity: Volume – 219L, Net Volume – 200L,
Boiling Spare – 19L
Weight: 200kg
Electrical: 400V/230V, 50A, 30kW, 3NPE, 50Hz

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